Real stories. Real moments. Shared by real IQOS users.

There are so many reasons to switch from cigarettes to IQOS. 

From the moment you make the move to leave smoke behind, your life takes a turn for the better. 

Hear it for yourself from real IQOS users themselves. 

Like Vasiliki, who switched to IQOS when she was determined to leave behind both a relationship and cigarettes. 

Or Nicole, who switched in 2019 after being given IQOS as a gift from her fiancé, who wanted her to feel comfortable without the cigarette smoke smell and now they can both enjoy romantic date nights out. 

Or Tobias, whose love for fine taste and craftsmanship allows him to enjoy real tobacco flavor together with his coffee moments. 

Our new campaign celebrates the progress made by these and other real IQOS users. People like you, whose life is made up of moments of pleasure, time with loved ones, the challenges we have all faced and how we have all overcome them and progressed. 

With IQOS, our users made a change for the better for themselves and their loved ones. We believe that by sharing their stories, we can all be inspired to move together, forward. After all, nobody can tell our story better than our users. 

Discover why our users have switched to IQOS.

Vasiliki switched to IQOS in 2020

Vasiliki is very outgoing and open to sharing her personal experiences. Sociable and a real trendsetter in her community of friends, she went through some major changes in her personal and social life recently. Changing to IQOS from cigarettes was one of the major steps she took during these tough times.

“You use IQOS, there's no smell. It has made everything easier.”


Switched to IQOS in 2020

Real adult consumer who was rewarded for participation in the campaign.

Move on from cigarettes with no ash and no cigarette smoke smell in the way.

Nicole switched to IQOS in 2019

Nicole is very lively, always smiling, always laughing. This is probably because she’s in love with Alexander, her fiancé. Before Alex gifted her an IQOS to switch from cigarettes, she held back, as she felt stigmatized and not comfortable around others because of the cigarette smoke smell. This change impacted their relationship, and she’s become a confident woman. Now, Nicole and Alex enjoy regular date nights out and more kissing. Yes, they find kisses taste better now when she uses IQOS than when she was smoking cigarettes. 

“When we go for a romantic dinner I can enjoy my IQOS without thinking that I may disturb anyone.”


Switched to IQOS in 2019

Real adult consumer who was rewarded for the participation in the campaign.

Get closer to those you love with no smoke in the way.

Ruedi switched to IQOS in 2015 

Ruedi runs his own cleaning company. He loves to explore nature or picnic with friends. IQOS makes those moments even more pleasurable, as they feel that he is more respectful towards others without smoke or ash to get in their way.

“I no longer have a bad smell or ash at home, in my car…anywhere!”*


Switched to IQOS in 2015

Real adult consumer who was rewarded for the participation in the campaign

IQOS heats tobacco instead of burning it, so it doesn’t produce ash or cigarette smoke smell.

This product is not risk-free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. 

Only for use by adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

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