Registration Terms

Terms and conditions for potential user registration



  1. The purpose of these Terms of Registration (“UR”) is to explain to you the basic rules and principles of registration on our platform and the legal relationship that results from it. The purpose of these UR is also to ensure your familiarity with the rules of processing your personal data and for remote communication with you. These UR meaningfully omit detailed descriptions of issues that are clear in themselves from the context. These URs are compiled in Montenegrin and English. In case of disagreement, the Montenegrin version shall prevail. The purpose of these Rules is also to ensure your familiarity with the rules of processing your personal data and for remote communication with you.
  2. The platform for registration of interested potential consumers is intended for contacting IQOS sales representatives in the territory of Montenegro.



  1. Since the products offered on our platform are electronic devices for the use of smokeless tobacco products, we must ensure that we do not contact people under the age of 18. Therefore, we require verification of your age when you visit our website and check the age when registering, as well as later when selling the product.
  2. We will never communicate or trade with people under the age of 18.
  3. The registration platform is available only to registered users. If necessary, we check the age of the user during registration and / or sale by checking the user's personal documents (ID card, driver's license, passport); we do all this to bring the business in line with the law.
  4. If you are under the age of 18 and register, your registration will be canceled as soon as we become aware of this fact.



  1. The platform serves to easily establish contact between you as an interested adult potential consumer and retailer of IQOS products.
  2. By entering the data and sending the registration form, you express your will and consent to be contacted by a third party - a retailer for your direct acquaintance with the properties of the product. The retailer will contact you within 3 days. The retailer's representative will further point you to two alternatives on how you can get to know IQOS technology directly and potentially buy a particular product - by referring to the nearest IQOS store, or by meeting at the place and time you choose, in accordance with the law.
  3. Registration is not mandatory for you or the retailer. Any rights and obligations between you and the retailer only occur if you decide to buy certain products after direct live contact. The contact offer presented on this platform is not binding if the retailer does not currently have specific products in stock.


1. that you are an adult smoker over the age of 18,

2. that all information you have voluntarily provided about yourself is true (which include, but is not limited to: name and surname, gender, address, date of birth, e-mail address, contact telephone number).

3. that you are informed before providing personal data that the company Philip Morris Montenegro d.o.o. Podgorica controller of the collected personal data, as well as the purpose of data processing, the users and categories of users of personal data, the time frame for data processing, and that you have voluntarily submitted your personal data for these purposes.


BY ACCEPTING THESE RULES, YOU AGREE that Philip Morris Montenegro d.o.o. Podgorica (hereinafter: “PM”):

1. Collects, stores, processes and uses personal data that you have voluntarily provided, in order to establish contact by the seller of the IQOS device with you as an interested potential buyer,

2. Forward your data to the appropriate seller of IQOS devices in order to establish contact with you,

3. Transfers your personal data to affiliated PM companies under the auspices of Philip Morris International, including cross-border data transfers to the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia, Council of Europe member states and other countries;

4. Records any telephone conversations between you and the IQOS telephone service and / or IQOS retailer in order to achieve the stated purposes of data processing and accompanying analytics, as well as to improve their services and protect their or consumers' legitimate interests;

5. Establish a database based on the data you have provided as well as other notices, data or statements potentially provided within the purposes of data processing and communication indicated here, and to keep this database securely outside Montenegro, in accordance with the applicable regulations.


You can update or cancel your personal data, as well as your consent to all of the above, in whole or in part, at any time by requesting a written PM or by e-mail to For more information on the PMI Group Privacy Policy, please read the PMI Consumer Privacy Notice. If you no longer wish to receive information from PM or, please submit a written request to Philip Morris Montenegro d.o.o. Podgorica or by e-mail to   with the note “Deletion from Philip Morris Montenegro d.o.o. Podgorica database ”. We will delete your personal data within 14 days of receiving the request.

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